There are three DVD formats. They are DVD-Video, DVD+R, and DVD-R. DVD-Video is what you get Hollywood movies on. It is created in the same process as CDs are. A master mold is created and copies are pressed from that mold. The setup cost to make the mold is multiple thousands of dollars. DVD+R and -R are like CDR's, you burn them with a laser. Unfortunately for videographers and consumers, the two formats exist. One bunch of companies support +R, and another bunch support -R. Some DVD players will play one, but not the other, neither, or both. For +R, which is what I use, Sony, Philips, and RCA are the main supporters. Most DVD players made by them will play +R discs.

We have the ability to burn either DVD+R or DVD-R formatted discs. DVD+R format is compatible with nearly all DVD players released after 1998. Some pre-1999 players will not play either format. The following are several lists to help you determine which format(s) your player supports.